Down Home Politics

The column and the blog Down Home Politics is pretty much what it says it is – politics from a down home, common sense perspective.

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Down Home Politics is written by an average citizen, just like you in many ways, I would guess. I love my God, and I’m not ashamed to say it. I’m grateful everyday for the blessings He has sent my way. He continuously amazes me at how He meets our needs, because let’s face it, I fret about paying the bills far more than I would like, just like you do probably.

I have a husband whom I love and adore and who happens to be my best friend. Together, we worry about his son’s happiness and well-being living so far away, just as we fuss over our four, four-legged children, that we both love as much as we would if they were the two-legged kind. I’ve lost my Daddy, so as an only child, it’s now my job to look after Mom. And last, but certainly not least, my life is filled with a loving, though far-flung family, and a closer-to-home circle of friends who are the sort of folks you can count on no matter what.

So, as you see, I’m just an average woman with a bit of a twist. I just happen to have a passion for politics, or perhaps more accurately, for the governance of my city, county, state and country. I realize not everyone shares my passion, and that’s perfectly OK. I just don’t want folks to wake up one day and realize they have slowly let our governmental bodies have a stake in virtually everything we do or say.

That is why I started Down Home Politics, because apathy has no place in politics.

And if you think you know my party affiliation after this introduction, think again. You really need to read my first blog!

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